We help families adopt children of all ages.  Sometimes, an older child or a sibling group need to find their forever home.  While there are lots of families who would love to adopt each infant placed for adoption, sadly, there are many older children and sibling groups that are less likely to be chosen.

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Your legal and agency fees will be $13,000.  There could also be some extra fees for reimbursement of birth mother’s pregnancy related expenses, court costs, and travel expenses.  


Usually, once the parent decides to place the child or children, the legal process can happen in a few weeks.  Sometimes that process is slowed to allow time for a healthy transition for the child from one home to the other.


The adoption tax credit is a tax benefit to qualifying families that helps offset the cost of adoption. For 2020, the adoption tax credit is $14,300 per child.  

Arkansas does not have age requirements for adoptive parents. Unmarried people as well as married couples can adopt children. Marriage and divorce status may be taken into account by the judge in a case, but there are no hard and fast rules.  You do not have to be an Arkansas resident to adopt here. 



Yes, but we can help you prepare for that process. We have helped hundreds of couples prepare for their home study and be approved for adoption.


An Open adoption is one where you get to know the expectant mother and might carry on a relationship after the adoption is finalized.  This can be as little as meeting once and exchanging first names only, or as much as becoming close to them and welcoming her into the family as well.  We believe that open adoption is best for the child and placing parents when it can be done in a healthy way.  We are happy to explain boundaries other families have found helpful and safeguards that will protect your rights. 


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