Infant adoption is most likely to be successful with the support of an adoption attorney. Let us be your guide as you consider adopting an infant or newborn baby. Heimer Law has provided adoption support for hundreds of families. We look forward to helping you, too.

At Heimer Law, we work exclusively with experienced social workers and top adoption agencies who understand expectant mothers’ needs and concerns.  We team with proven providers to ensure ethical adoptions.

If you already are working with an expectant mother and don’t need help finding the baby…

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Justin Heimer is an adoption attorney

A law firm like Heimer Law is different from a typical family law firm that may focus on divorce or estate management. At Heimer Law, we are Arkansas adoption specialists.

We work with reputable adoption agencies to pair infants and adoptive families for infant adoption. We also assist expectant parents who have chosen adoptive parents for their babies. Most of our cases are infant adoption.

While we help families in Missouri and Oklahoma as well, we have helped hundreds of families in Arkansas. Infant adoption in Arkansas can be finalized within weeks of your baby’s birth. Settling your baby’s adoption legally as soon as possible provides security for your baby and your family.

The infant adoption process

Adopting a newborn, or planning an adoption of a baby who has not yet been born, is different from adopting an older child.

We can help you with this complex process, providing respectful support for you, your baby, and the baby’s biological mother. Our extensive experience with infant adoption allows us to help you navigate the adoption, from identifying an expectant mother to work with, through meeting your new baby.

Since we have been through this exciting experience many times, we can make it easier for you.