We have helped hundreds of families complete infant adoptions over the years and understand the excitement, fear, hope, anxiety, and everything else that can go along with it.  Allow us walk with you through this journey and take confidence in our years of experience and history of care.

Looking to be matched with a newborn?  We’ll match you with a baby.

Already matched?  We’ll work with you through the process of adoption with a child you know.

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At Heimer Law, we work exclusively with experienced social workers and top adoption agencies who understand expectant mothers’ needs and concerns.  We are committed to ethical adoptions.

Justin Heimer is an adoption attorney

A law firm like Heimer Law is different from a typical family law firm that may focus on divorce or estate management. At Heimer Law, we are Arkansas adoption specialists.

We work with reputable adoption agencies and directly with expectant mothers to pair infants and adoptive families for infant adoption. 

Infant adoption in Arkansas can be finalized within weeks of your baby’s birth. Settling your baby’s adoption legally as soon as possible provides security for your baby and your family.