We are so excited that you have found the right expectant parent to work with! Let us help you complete your private adoption or agency adoption.

Great news! Your Arkansas adoption could be finalized as early as the 6th day after birth and most of our infant adoptions finalize within 10 days. Many states require several months before they will finalize an adoption. For this reason and others, many couples choose Arkansas adoptions for a quicker, less expensive, and simpler process.

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How does it work?

If you were matched through an adoption agency or you found the expectant mother on your own, it’s time to reach out to us. We will work with you and her to verify that she is actually pregnant and receiving prenatal care, that her needs are met, and that she understands the implications of her decisions. We will walk you through the entire process and help you finalize the adoption.

How much does a private adoption cost?

The cost of a private adoption varies depending on which services are needed for the expectant mother and how far along she is in her pregnancy. You can expect legal fees to be somewhere between $4,600 and $13,000 and the total adoption usually falls under $16,500. With more information about your situation, we can quote a flat fee that you can count on.

How long does an adoption take?

A private adoption can usually be finalized in Arkansas within the first 10 days after the baby is born.

What is the adoption tax credit?

The adoption tax credit is a tax benefit to qualifying families that helps offset the cost of adoption. Currently, the adoption tax credit is $14,890 per child. This means that you may be able to get up to that much reimbursed for each child adopted. 

Who can adopt in Arkansas?

Arkansas does not have age requirements for adoptive parents. Unmarried people as well as married couples can adopt children. Marriage and divorce status may be considered by the judge in a case, but there are no hard and fast rules. You do not have to be an Arkansas resident to adopt in Arkansas.

Will I have to have a home study?

Yes, and we can help you prepare for that process. We have helped hundreds of couples prepare for their home study and be approved for adoption.

What is an open adoption?

An open adoption is one where you get to know the expectant mother. You might carry on a relationship after the adoption is finalized. This can be as little as meeting once and exchanging first names only, or as much as becoming close to the birth mother and welcoming her into your family as well. We believe that open adoption is best for the whole family when it can be done in a healthy way.  We are happy to explain boundaries other families have found helpful and safeguards that will protect your rights.

How do we ensure the birth parents know their rights?

We require that each expectant mother speaks to her own attorney and has someone she can count on explain the situation to her. This helps her to feel more comfortable and it protects you against allegations of undue influence.

What community resources are utilized in her care?

Northwest Arkansas has a tremendous philanthropic community and there are many resources available to an expectant mother in need. We will make sure she has medical insurance or applies for Medicaid. We can help her find food, clothing, housing, transportation, and other necessities.  It is our goal to help establish her with the care she will need long after the adoption is completed.

Will there be drug or alcohol tests for the expectant mother?

No, unless the doctor has a specific concern, we do not ask for the expectant mother to be tested for substance abuse. It is very common for a woman who would test positive to be open about that; however, we have found that asking them to be tested makes many so uncomfortable that they choose other families that don’t make the same request.

Will medical needs be met?

Yes, we will help the expectant mother use her insurance or apply for Medicaid and then get the prenatal care she and the baby need.

Do mothers get counseling during or after the pregnancy?

We can help her get the counseling she needs to process the emotions that arise from her decision to place the child for adoption. This is never required of the expectant mother but is always recommended and made available.

Will she have an attorney?

We require that the expectant mother has her own attorney and can help find her one that will cost her no money. Most women take great comfort knowing that they have someone who is entirely on her side.