Adopting a newborn is very practical in Arkansas, where adoptions can be finalized by the 6th day of your new baby’s life. You can bring your baby home from the hospital and begin your life together right away. More than 18,000 families adopt a newborn each year in the United States, often within one year of beginning the process.

Before the baby is born.

When you work with Heimer Law, you’ll usually be matched with a birth mother who is expecting a baby. You’ll generally have the chance to get to know her during the pregnancy. However, the birth mother has a lot of choices to make, and those choices include when you will meet your baby.

Some birth mothers want the adoptive parents to be present in the delivery room and to take the baby home from the hospital as soon as he or she is ready to go home. Others prefer not to have contact with the adoptive parents. Some birth moms want to spend some time with their babies and others do not.

All these decisions can be made before your baby is born. We’ll work with you and the birth mother to make sure that every detail of your adoption plan is in place well before the birth mother’s due date.

Be prepared.

Adopting a newborn is a wonderful way to begin a family! Just make sure you have a few things ready:

  • Make sure you have a suitable crib or bassinet for your baby. A safe bed for an infant has no pillows, toys, or fluffy blankets. If you want those items for decoration, make sure you have a chair or another convenient spot to keep them in when baby is sleeping.
  • Bring an approved car seat to the hospital. Most Arkansas hospitals will not allow you take home your baby without a car seat.
  • Stock up on diapers. That’s the most important piece of clothing for a newborn. Babies grow quickly, so you don’t need a lot of outfits in the smallest size, but be sure you have clothing that’s appropriate for the weather.
  • Have bottles and formula ready.
  • Find a doctor for your baby. You might choose a pediatrician or a family practice doctor. Meet with the doctor before the baby is born if possible; otherwise, make an appointment soon after the baby’s birth.

Be easy on yourself.

New parents are not experts in baby care, and that’s fine. Talk with experienced moms and you can be sure they’ll have funny stories about their first days or weeks with their newborns. They’ll probably also have helpful advice for you.

Many families have family members come to stay for a few days to have some extra help with the new baby. You can help yourself, though, by putting some meals in the freezer before the baby comes, getting as much extra sleep as possible, and clearing your calendar as much as possible. Taking care of an infant is a big job.

Before you know it, you’ll be confident parents.

At Heimer Law, most of our adoptions are newborn adoptions. We’ll be with you throughout the process, providing the expertise and the support you need. Call us at 479.599.8677  or email us at  and we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you get started!

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