The birth of a child comes with many occasions for celebration. There’s the day you get the news, the baby shower, the day the little guy kicks his mother’s belly, and the day he is born.

An adoption in Arkansas will give you the same cause to celebrate. Here are a few milestones of your adoption journey worth celebrating.

1. When the home study comes through

The home study process brings fear to the masses. It really shouldn’t but the day you are all licensed up is a day to celebrate none the less.

2. The day a birth mother picks you

This is a huge day for you. It’s a huge day for all who have been rooting for you. It’s the day someone decides to trust you with their child. So grab some friends and throw a party. You’re not all the way there, but this day gets the ball rolling.

3. The day the baby is born.

 This needs no explanation. Go nuts!

4. Finalization day

It’s official! This day is especially worth celebrating in Arkansas, which has shown that it takes finalization seriously. After the court date, the likelihood of a complication in the adoption falls to almost zero.

5. The day the birth certificate comes in

Your child’s birth certificate should come In 3-4 weeks after finalization. This can be a fun day to continue to celebrate the adoption in Arkansas itself and the likely end of paperwork.

Through all the training, paperwork, emotional investment, financial investment, and downtime, don’t let the journey keep you from raising a glass when the opportunity comes.

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