grandparents and adoption
Photo courtesy of Sandor Weisz; Flickr

As a grandparent or relative, you have a special relationship with the child. Sometimes circumstances arise that place you in the position of parenting a child you are related to. If you are a grandparent or relative raising a child, you should consider establishing the legal status that protects the child, their parent, and you. Some options for grandparents or relatives acting as caretakers include seeking the power of attorney, guardianships, and adoption.

  • power of attorney expands the parental rights to you and allows you to make decisions for the child. This would allow you to step in for the child’s parents in medical and legal situations such as scheduling doctors’ appointments or signing the child up for schooling.
  • Legal guardianship transfers the parents legal rights and responsibilities relating to the care of the child. As the child’s guardian, you would be legally responsible for the child, as a parent is, without permanently terminating the rights of the parents.
  • Adoption does not have to mean the termination of an emotional relationship between the child and his or her birth parents, but it can offer the child permanent stability and security in your home.

Whichever option works best for your family, we would love to be your advocate as you pursue the best interests of your relative or grandchild.

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