Scales of JusticeAdoption Arkansas is a law firm specializing in adoption, and Justin Heimer is an adoption attorney. We don’t just sandwich in the occasional adoption among our other cases. We have the expertise in Arkansas adoptions to ensure that you get the smoothest process and the most effective outcome in the adoption process. But we know that there are other legal services that you may need along the way.

When you are considering adoption, you may choose power of attorney or guardianship. Once you’ve adopted, you may need to think about your estate planning in a new way.

In order to be sure that you receive all the legal services you need while you’re going through the process of adoption, Adoption Arkansas offers these additional legal services to our clients.

Most of the families we work with have little experience with choosing a lawyer. You might just search for “family lawyer” or “Arkansas lawyer.” Often the large firms you see right away when you make those searches are not adoption lawyers. In fact, many are divorce lawyers most of the time, and they’ll fit in adoptions or estate planning when they’re asked.

That’s not how we do it at Adoption Arkansas. We have a mission to help families adopt children, and to help birth mothers find families for their babies. Adoption is the main thing we do, and we are experts in all adoption-related legal services.

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