If an unexpected pregnancy has you considering adoption, you might already have talked with people who might want to adopt your baby. Or you might want to adopt a baby, and have a friend who wants to place her baby for adoption. In a case like this, you might think of the adoption as “just between friends.” Can you arrange a private adoption between friends without going through all the formalities of a legal adoption?

You need a legal adoption

While you might feel that it would be okay for one woman to give her baby to another women informally, you really need a legal adoption. Without going through the full process, the new parent cannot make decisions for the child. Registering for school, seeing a doctor, signing permission slips for sports — all these things require legal standing as a parent.

Without a formal adoption, the birth mother continues to have parental rights, and the new parent has no parental rights. This may not seem like a problem with an infant, but it could certainly lead to problems down the road.

Adoption involves various legal documents like adoption petitions, consent forms, and relinquishment agreements. An adoption lawyer can ensure these documents are drafted accurately and meet legal standards.

Do you need an adoption agency?

You do not need an agency to arrange for a friend to adopt your baby. Adoptive parents still need to have a home study, and financial support for the birth mother has to be arranged according to specific requirements. An adoption lawyer can help you through all these steps

Depending on your relationship, it is possible that a friend might meet the definition of a kinship adoption. An adoption lawyer can assist in determining whether a specific case meets that definition or not.

Adoption agencies can be very helpful in matching a birth mother with a family wanting to adopt, but is generally not the best choice for adoption between friends.

The first step

Whether you are an expectant mother, a birth mother, or a hopeful adoptive parent, a conversation with an adoption lawyer is the essential first step in planning an adoption between friends.

A lawyer can advocate for you and the child’s best interests throughout the adoption process. They can also help anticipate and address any potential issues that may arise.

While adoption between friends can be a wonderful experience, it’s important to prioritize the legal aspects to ensure a smooth and secure adoption for everyone involved, especially the child. Heimer Law offers free consultation. Fill out our simple form or call (479) 225.9725 to set up an appointment.

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