Adoption means becoming a parent. Are you ready for it? We at Adoption Arkansas want to be your biggest advocate in the adoption process. With that being said, adoption is about the well-being of a child so it is important to consider whether or not you are ready.

So, here are three reasons you should wait to adopt.

1.If you are not confident in your ability and willingness to provide

Responsibility is taken to a whole new level when you become a parent. The most basic new responsibility you will have is to provide for the child. If that isn’t a given, wait to think about adoption until it is.

2.If you cannot easily point out what your values are and why you have them

Parents are not only asked to provide food, shelter, and other survival type resources to their children, but also a system of right and wrong. Parents learn quickly that the code children naturally revert to, without training, is pure hedonism. Don’t you remember living for your next candy bar? I sure do. I’m glad someone taught me to restrain myself in my pursuit of chocolaty goodness. Otherwise, I might have no more teeth, and many a grocery store, might be out many candy bars.

3.If you don’t have time to be a parent

More than anything, your child needs you. If your schedule doesn’t allow for quality time with the little man or little lady, hold off on adoption until it does.

We used the word wait purposefully. Wait neither means now nor never. Wait means wait. Now might not be the best idea, but you may find yourself ready well before never happens.

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