You’ve decided to make a brave and loving choice: to place your baby for adoption with a caring family. You may have adoptive parents in mind, or you might be looking for the right future home for the child you’re expecting. Either way, you need an attorney.

Why does a birth mother need an attorney?

    1. Adoption is a legal process. There are specific laws that differ from state to state. The adoption process involves legal documents like consent forms and termination of parental rights. All this can be overwhelming. An experienced adoption attorney can make sure that everything is done correctly.
    2. An attorney can provide objective legal advice and help the birth mother navigate the emotional complexities of adoption. This empowers her to make informed choices that are best for herself and the child. With confidence that the legal issues are being dealt with correctly, a birth mother can focus on caring for herself and the child.
    3. Your attorney can also advocate for you. The adoption process can involve interactions with social workers, adoptive families, and medical professionals. A lawyer can advocate for the birth mother’s rights and ensure she’s treated fairly throughout the process. An attorney can also make sure that issues like financial support during the pregnancy are handled appropriately under the law.
    4. A lawyer can ensure the birth mother’s privacy is respected throughout the adoption process. The attorney can help make sure that she is anonymous in a closed adoption. In open adoptions, an attorney can help draft an agreement outlining communication expectations and future contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family.
    5. Unforeseen circumstances may arise during the adoption process. A lawyer can help the birth mother address legal issues that might come up. Pregnancy and adoption can be emotionally overwhelming. You don’t need added stress from unexpected situations.

What about the cost of an adoption attorney?

The adoptive parents are responsible for the fees for a birth mother’s attorney.  Worries about finances should never keep a birth mother from arranging for legal support.

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