From what I gather from CSI, detectives work off of facts. They value what is concrete and what can be proven. No arrest has ever been made in which the charges were “Jimmy thought you were our guy”. That simply would not fly because an arrest is far too serious to base off of opinion.

The internet is full of great imperially verifiable information that detectives would love, but you have to sort through all kinds of opinion to find it. But not today. Today, the opinion is headed out towards the way shire. Today, you are the judge and the jury and this blog is simply an informational tool. Today is about the facts about adoption in Arkansas.

7 Facts

The scene from every detective show that has always grabs my attention is the red yarn scene. You know what I’m talking about? The scene where the detective looks at a handful of seemingly unrelated pictures and newspaper cutouts, he pins some red yarn all over the board, then slowly grows a smug smile. A smile that says oh yea, I’ve got you now, bad guy.

That iconic scene is now all set up for you. You have some information. Good luck with the red yarn.

Be sure to be back next week as I do a little red yarn work of my own with the above 7 facts.

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