Life gets a little strange sometimes.

Adopting in Arkansas takes many forms and serves more than one function. One of the more interesting forms of adoption is that of one’s own child.

You would be surprised to see how often it happens.

Adopting your own child

When one parent becomes the sole caretaker of a child and wishes to terminate the rights of the other parent, the caretaker will run into some road blocks. It is no cake walk to terminate the rights of a parent in our state or any other. That is, unless you get creative.

In a standard adoption, the rights of a parent who has shown no interest in parenting, are terminated with little hassle. This helps out those involved in an adoption tremendously which is likely the reason the state operates this way. Parental rights are not nearly as easily terminated outside of an adoption so as strange as it may seem, many parents choose to adopt their own kid in order that the estranged parent’s parental rights might be terminated. In fact, caretakers may have no real alternative if they truly want to end the legal relationship between their child and the estranged parent.

It’s unusual, but it happens

This type of adopting in Arkansas is strange for sure and it only happens when a situation is less than ideal, but it can really help out a child if an estranged parent is unsafe or otherwise causes harm.

So if you see a situation similar to what was just described, you may mention this bizarre form of adoption as an option.

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