There are many reasons for choosing to adopt a child. Sometimes individuals have genetic concerns, such as a disorder that runs in their family, and they don’t want to accept that risk. Sometimes people know a specific child or birth mom who needs a home for a baby or child, and they feel called to provide that home. Often, infertility moves couples to adopt.

It’s wise to take some time after a diagnosis of infertility or a journey through infertility treatments.

You may need to grieve

Even when you are thinking about completing your family with adoption, you may need to give yourself time to grieve the idea of biological children. Some infertility experiences include miscarriage, too, and those losses can be very hard.

Coping with that  sense of loss will allow you to welcome your new adopted child. If you need to talk with a counselor and give yourself some time to process  your feelings, take that time.

You may need to make decisions

Some parents try infertility treatments before adoption, and others may decide to adopt without going through the process of infertility treatments. For some couples, there’s an “either or” decision to be made.

There is an old wive’s tale that adopting causes previously infertile couples to become pregnant. There is no evidence for this claim,  and it’s not a great starting point for your adoption process. However, women sometimes do become pregnant during the adoption process. Talk with your doctor if this is a concern for you.

Adoption is a beautiful choice

Once you’re ready to adopt, call Heimer Law to discuss your options. There are many kinds of families, and adoption is a beautiful way to add to your family. Adoption brings a happy ending to the parents and the child. We want to help create this happy ending. Contact Heimer Law.

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