Adopting children is a source of great joy. It can sometimes also mean that you will spend the rest of your life answering intrusive questions. Like, “Where did you get them?” or “Are you going to tell them they’re adopted?” in a stage whisper.

So you could look at the health screening part of the adoption process as a good opportunity to get used to coping with those questionable questions.

What health questions are asked of adoptive parents?

In Arkansas, every member of the adopting household must submit evidence of a physical exam within the previous six months. This is because prospective adoptive parents can  be disqualified for health-related reasons.

The applicant suffers from a physical or behavioral health condition that would interfere with providing appropriate care for children.

This reflects concerns about the safety and well-being of the child. Your home health visitor will need to be sure that you will be able to provide appropriate care for children.

Can I adopt if I have a chronic illness?

More than 10% of Americans have diabetes. More than 8% have asthma. According to the CDC, 60% of Americans have some kind of chronic disease. Just having a diagnosis will not make it impossible for you to adopt.

If you have a health condition that might come up during your home visit, be sure to ask your primary care physician for a letter confirming that you will be able to care for your new family member. The letter should say clearly that you are in good enough health to care for your adopted child until the age of 16.

Can I adopt if I have a mental illness?

Just as for a physical illness, you should ask your doctor for a letter stating that you can take care of your adopted child. The letter should explain how you manage your condition, and you should present it along with your exam and health history.

Can people with disabilities adopt a child?

The state of Arkansas does not intend to discriminate against people with health concerns or disabilities. Many people in both these groups have children and are excellent parents. Still, there are old ideas and stereotypes that can make the process more difficult for individuals facing these challenges. This is one of many reasons that it is important to have an adoption attorney on your side.

Heimer Law has extensive experience with the adoption process and will help you prepare for your home study. Let us know about any questions or concerns you may have. We will be able to provide the information you need.

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