First-time parents are older than they used to be. The average for fathers is now 31, and the average mom is now 26. These numbers apply to biological parents, though. For adoptive parents, the average is older: just over 43 years is the average age of adoptive parents in the United States.

But Arkansas does not have age requirements for adoptive parents. The age of the adoptive parents must be in the petition for adoption, but there are no legal requirements regarding the age of the parents.

But I’ve seen age requirements!

Adoption agencies often have age requirements. For example, an adoption agency may require that the adoptive parents be 21 or over. They may not want to work with people over 65. They may not be willing to place a child with parents who are more than 45 years older than the child. These are policies, not Arkansas laws.

If you do not fit within the age policies at one adoption agency, you may be able to find another agency that will work with you. Heimer Law works will a number of different adoption agencies.

Private adoptions

You might also consider a private adoption. In a private adoption, there are no agency policies to consider. If you know a child who needs adoption, or an expectant mother who is considering adoption, Heimer Law can help you make your adoption legal without the services of an agency.

Fitness as parents

The main focus of the adoption process is to determine if you can provide a safe, loving, and stable home for a child during their formative years. Age is just one factor considered during a home study, which evaluates your overall suitability as adoptive parents. This includes factors like financial stability, physical and mental health, and parenting experience.

Heimer Law can assist you in preparing for your home study. Don’t be nervous, though. An older parent may even be more financially and emotionally stable than a younger parent. We’ll support you through the process and help you toward the best possible outcome.

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