This post will make you rich! – Rich in knowledge that just might make your life easier.

OK, I may be overselling this.

This post might make your life moderately more comfortable. That feels more accurate.

I hope it will serve you with a hint of pragmatic knowledge that when wielded correctly, will help to smooth out your ride to adopted parenthood.

Sometimes pragmatism comes in the form of what not to do. So here are 4 bad moves in the adoption process:

You are asking someone to trust you to raise her child. Let her see why she is making a good decision. Invest time and attention in her because she deserves it and it will make for a less bumpy ride.

  • Failing to communicate with your attorney or agency

If you run into a complication or if you feel unprepared for any part of the process, stop what you’re doing and call! The do-it-yourself approach to adoption doesn’t exist for a reason. Adoption professionals have traveled upon these wanton waters, so let us know when you see a wave approaching.

  • Failing to plan ahead to get all documents in order

We legal folk love our documents. So does the state. They’ll want file-able information on you if you want to bring an adopted child into your home. So plan some time for those dowdy documents and crank them out as early as possible. Don’t let the paperwork get in the way of what you came for.

  • Trying to control a process that is out of your control

This process can be controlled no more than the weather.

What can be controlled is how you react to the changing tide. So control what can be controlled and leave the rest to the weather man. He’s in charge of that, right?

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