We often hear questions about grandparents’ rights in Arkansas.

grandparents' rightsArkansas adoption law favors family members, but we still often hear concerns about grandparents’ rights.

The truth is, there is no law in Arkansas guaranteeing grandparents’ rights to adopt their grandchildren.

The birth mother has a lot of control over the choice of adoptive parents for her baby. She is not required by law to choose her parents, or the baby’s birth father’s parents, as the adoptive parents for her child.

Grandparents are usually not subject to the same home study evaluation requirements as other adoptive parents, and Adoption Arkansas can work with you to navigate the adoption process.

If your son or daughter gives up your grandchild for adoption, you do not have any rights as a grandparent. Adoption ends the parental rights of the birth parents and all their biological relatives. This can be a heartbreaking situation.

If you are expecting a grandchild and you are considering adopting this child, Adoption Arkansas will be happy to help you and your son or daughter understand all the options. Call us or use our simple contact form. As specialists in Arkansas adoptions, we can provide the information, the legal expertise, and the support you need in complicated situations.