Are references to that glorious line from the Wizard of Oz, cliché? Probably. But I went for it anyway and I’d do it again.

International adoptions are first-rate- they are also all the other synonyms for great that I found on including whiz-bang. If you are interested in international adoption, there are wonderful agencies that work on this form of adoption and do a bang-up job. If you don’t know where to start, we would love to connect you with one of these awesome agencies.


After an international adoption, there is a legal step that parents can take that can really help a child down the road. In Arkansas, parents who have adopted from overseas can have a Recognition of Foreign Adoption, sometimes referred to as re-adoption.

Why re-adoption? I’m glad you asked.

When you adopt overseas, your child is considered to be fully adopted and part of your family, however, their birth certificate is from their home country. Many find it useful to re-adopt to get their child an Arkansas birth certificate.

Think about when your kid tries to get a driver’s license or when he applies for college. It might be easier for him if his birth certificate is in the same format as others from the state. Further, re-adoption is especially helpful for children with birth certificates that are written in a foreign language. This process also plays well for those who want to officially change a child’s name after an international adoption.

If international adoption is on your radar or if you are already back in the states with your bundle of joy, consider re-adoption, or at least put it on your google reading list.

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