November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This is the month each year that brings increased awareness of adoption and adoptive families.

What is Adoption Awareness Month?

It all began in 1976, when then-Governor Dukakis announced Adoption Week in Massachusetts. President Reagan proclaimed National Adoption Week in 1984, and President Clinton extended the week to a month in 1995.

Each year, November brings opportunities for families to learn more about adoption, adopting from foster care, and adopting older youth. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the joyful opportunity of adoption.

President Obama’s 2016 National Adoption Awareness Month proclamation makes this point.

“Across America, adoptive parents welcome children into stable, loving families, providing a safe and comforting place for children in need to call home,” the proclamation began. “Each November, we recognize the important role that adoption has played in the lives of children and families in our country and around the world, and we rededicate ourselves to ensuring every child can find their forever family.”

Your awareness of adoption might have started with the realization that adoption is the best path for you to take to start or grow your family.

Maybe you are considering adoption for the baby you are expecting.

Either way, we at Adoption Arkansas know that adoption is a beautiful thing.

Getting from that moment when you begin to consider adoption to the moment when adoption is finalized can be a challenging, joyful, scary journey. We’re here to make that journey easier.

Adoption in Arkansas

Justin Heimer is an adoption lawyer based in Northwest Arkansas. Unlike many larger firms, Adoption Arkansas is all about adoption. We don’t fit the occasional adoption in around other kinds of cases. We are completely devoted to helping bring families together through adoption. Justin is also trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counselor. This means that clients at Adoption Arkansas get support all along the way from the first hopeful moment to the happy times together as a family.

Is it time for you to begin the adoption process? Will National Adoption Awareness Month mean even more to you this year?

Contact us now to begin the process. We answer 24/7.

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