Do you know that feeling that pulls at the bottom of your stomach? That feeling that comes when you see an accident before it happens- when tempers begin to rise. That feeling of dreadful anticipation that pulls on your soul with the opening of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. That feeling that says there is about to be a brawl.

Well, here it is. A collision of two age-old rivals: private adoption and agency adoption

… OK, so it’s not exactly an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object (see The Dark Knight) but what’s a blog without a little hyperbole?

The rivalry

Full disclosure: ours is a law firm that works with private adoption in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. At the same time, our owner and practitioner Justin Heimer does a great deal of legal work for some of the most active adoption agencies in Arkansas. So ours is a unique view.

So, which comes out on top?

Agency adoptions are usually more expensive than private adoptions. This is due to the added services an adoption agency provides. They will match you with a child, and work with you and the birthmother to establish a relationship. They will also work to get all documents in order and they will help you find an adoption attorney.

If on the other hand you already know of a child to adopt, and the mother doesn’t need the same level of care, you might find the benefits of an adoption agency to be outweighed by the added costs.

So the winner of this bout will be decided by your circumstances.

One final thought

If you choose to go through an adoption agency, be sure to do your research.  We work with enough agencies to know that some do a MUCH better job than others despite the fact that they cost about the same amount.

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