There is no more popular buzz word in our culture than love. The word inspires literature, causes wars, it’s the topic of almost every bad poem written in high school English classes, it keeps masses up at night, and it gives reason to many more to get out of bed in the morning. There is power in the word love. There is even more in the real thing.

1. Adoption Allows You to Love Children in their Affliction

Is there a better way to show love than to look upon a child in affliction and invite them into your family? It is one thing to clothe or feed someone in need, it is another thing entirely to clothe, feed, and call them your own.

2. Adoption Allows You to Love a Mother in Need

Adoption can serve not only a child but a mother in need as well. Unplanned pregnancy can throw a mother into a world of anxiety and uncertainty. Loving homes that offer themselves to a child can give the mother peace of mind, as well as a real alternative to abortion.

3. Adoption Builds Families

As love is given, love is received. Nothing compares to a child’s declaration of love to a mom, dad, brother, or sister. Homes need children as much as children need homes.

It is hard to think of a better way to enter the greater narrative of love than to adopt. There are many children in need of a family, and there are families who would be made more complete by adoption. It’s an honor to be able to bring them together.

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