A wise blog once said (high five for self-promotion) that adoption is a patient man’s game. We have referred countless times to waiting time that comes with adoption. The reality is that adopting families will find themselves in adoption limbo in any one or multiple of the following parts of the adoption process:

1. The wait to be chosen by a birth mother
2. The 9 months that an expectant birth mother will be pregnant (come on, science!)
3. The 5 day waiting period (Arkansas specific) before an adoption is finalized

Here is what we recommend you do during each limbo period.

1. Paperwork

While you wait for a birth mother to choose your family, make sure you have all paperwork turned in as a child’s arrival comes without trumpet blasts. Another step you should take is to put together a fundraising plan (link to fundraising blog). Finally, anything you do to spruce up your profile (link to profile blog) will make the wait that much shorter.

2. Invest your time

During the birth mother’s pregnancy, you have the opportunity to invest in her with your time and attention (open adoption specific). She is in a rough spot, so if you have the opportunity to be there for her, do it. She is carrying the child you hope to adopt, it’s important that she like you. Further, how great would it be for her to see firsthand what a wonderful family her child will become a part of?
This is also a good time to paint the nursery. Go ahead. Throw paint on each other movie style and enjoy the day.

3. Write a letter

The child may be placed with you immediately after birth. The state of Arkansas, however, will not finalize an adoption until 5 days after the birth. You will have your hands full, but those 5 days may be a great time to write a letter of thank you to the woman whose courage made the adoption possible.

Adoption limbo is notably less fun than regular limbo, but when done right, the wait can serve as an opportunity to get the small stuff done and out of the way.

Contact Adoption Arkansas for questions, or for more information, about the adoption process in Arkansas.

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