One common question we hear is “What is the maximum age for adoption?” Often, the question behind that is, “Am I too old to adopt?” Especially in cases where adoption is the choice after struggling with infertility, adoptive parents may be older than the average biological parent. In fact, adoptive parents on average are in their mid-forties, while the average age for biological parents is mid-twenties.

People who are ready to grow their families through adoption may wonder if they are too old to adopt, or if their age will be an obstacle to adoption. The most important factor is always what’s best for the child, but the maximum age for adoption can be one of the questions that arise.

The answer to that question depends on the type of adoption you choose.

Adoption through foster care

In Arkansas, foster parents must be between 21 and 65. They must not be more than 45 years older than the child they adopt. That means that a couple in their 50s could not foster and adopt an infant and a person of 65 could not foster and adopt sa teen.

Foster families are one path to adoption, but this is the type of adoption that is strictest about the maximum age.

Agency adoption

Adopting through an adoption agency is different because the rules about the age of the parents are not state laws. They are the policies of the agency. Different agencies may have different standards for the age of adoptive parents.

Agencies often have specific requirements. Some agencies will not work with unmarried individuals, for example. If the maximum age at one agency does not meet your needs as an adoptive parent, you can look for another agency.

Private adoption

Private adoption in Arkansas has no maximum age limits. Grandparents or other older relatives may choose private adoption to establish a legal relationship with a child in the family. Older adults may range to adopt the child of an expectant mother they know. These kinds of arrangements are legal in Arkansas.

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