An unplanned pregnancy can bring up all kinds of emotions. It can be overwhelming. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, the information on this page will give you the knowledge you need to start creating a plan for the next stage of your life. At Heimer Law, we offer nonjudgemental, compassionate support through this challenging process. As an adoption lawyer, Justin Heimer knows the Arkansas adoption process inside and out. Justin and the Heimer Law team are local people who will meet you face to face and help you feel confident about your choices.

Considering adoption

An unplanned pregnancy requires some tough decisions. You might choose to terminate your pregnancy, to bring up a child with or without the child’s father, or to find an adoptive family for your baby.

Choosing adoption is a brave step. It’s a decision to choose the best life for your child.

It may not always be easy, but you do not have to go through the process alone. Read on to learn how adoption works in Arkansas. Then contact us to make sure that you get the support that you need.

The first step

Making the decision is the first step. It is up to you, and you remain in control of your choices. Most expectant mothers feel relief when they make up their minds to place their child for adoption. It’s a chance for your child to have a happy life with a loving family, and a chance to help another mom fulfill a dream.

We’ll be happy to talk with you more about your options. Scheduling a call with us doesn’t commit you to anything. We’re ready to answer your questions and make sure you understand your rights as a birth mother in Arkansas.

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Create an adoption plan

In Arkansas, the birth mother has a lot of control over the process of adoption. We will work with you to create an adoption plan that will meet your needs.

This step will involve some decisions. For example, you may choose an open adoption or a closed adoption. You may want to meet the adoptive family or you may not. These are your decisions. We will support you through the decision-making process and make sure that your adoption plan is right for you.

Make a birth plan

You can decide how you want your baby to be born, who you want with you at the hospital, and how much contact you want with the baby before the infant goes home with the adoptive family. It will be more comfortable for you to know all the details so you can look ahead confidently.

With many years of experience representing expectant mothers in their adoptions, we have all the information you need. It is our job to support the rights of birth parents, and our joy to help you make this loving gift.

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