When an unplanned pregnancy leads a birth mother to consider giving up her baby for adoption, she may have a lot of concerns on her mind. She might worry about what her parents will say, or the effect on her relationship with the baby’s father. She may have concerns about her health or the emotional effects of her decision. But chances are good that she is also going to be worrying about the financial costs of pregnancy and delivery, as well as of the adoption process. Arkansas doesn’t allow anyone to purchase a baby, but adoptive parents are allowed to provide financial support for birth mothers.

What does it cost to put a baby up for adoption?

There is no cost for birth mothers to put a baby up for adoption in Arkansas. The process is always free for the birth parents. Naturally, your consultation with Heimer Law is free, regardless of what decision you make after our conversation. Call us directly at (479) 225-9725.

What’s the definition of “financial support” for birth mothers?

It’s important to understand the difference between adoption compensation, which is illegal in Arkansas, and adoption financial assistance. Adoption compensation is paying for a baby, and it is considered human trafficking. If you are offered a payment for your baby, it is important that you do not deal with the person or organization that makes that offer. Criminal prosecution is possible.

Financial support is completely different. These are costs involved in having a baby, including medical care, legal expanses, and living expenses.

  • Medical care includes the cost of prenatal care, labor and delivery, and medical care following the birth. Depending on your circumstances, your adoptive family may pay your insurance premiums, your co-pays or deductible, and out of pocket expenses. If you do not have insurance, we can help you to apply for appropriate medical support.
  • Legal expenses are a necessary part of adoptions. Since an adoption is a legal undertaking, you need representation and so does the adoptive family. Birth mothers do not pay legal fees.
  • Living expenses can include rent, utilities, food, maternity clothes, and any other essential expenses. Which expenses are covered can be up to the court, but Heimer Law can assist you in figuring this out.

Adoption financial assistance is intended to help relieve financial pressures on the birth mother and to make sure that she can afford to take good care of her health and her baby’s health.

Is adoption expensive for the birth mother?

Having a baby and bringing up a child are expensive parts of life. However, giving your baby to a loving adoptive family is less expensive than choosing to terminate your pregnancy. Giving up your baby for adoption is a brave and loving choice. You can expect help and support during your pregnancy when you make this choice. You should not worry that expenses will make adoption a difficult choice.

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