Parenting can be a deeply rewarding experience, bringing a sense of purpose and fulfillment to a person’s life. Single individuals who choose to adopt may find immense joy and satisfaction in raising a child. In fact, 22% of adoptive parents in 2020 were single, according to Census data. If you’re ready to be a parent but you’re not ready for marriage, single parent adoption can be your solution.

In other cases, you may already have a relationship with an expectant mother and want to welcome the baby she is carrying as your own. This may be the case if you are a relative or close friend, or the two of you may see that your desire to add a child to your life can mean a better future for her child. If you are a single person and you already know a baby you want to adopt, Heimer Law can assist you with a private adoption.

Is single parent adoption legal in Arkansas?

Your first question may be just this: can a single parent adopt a child in Arkansas? The answer is yes, there is no requirement for adoptive parents in Arkansas to be married. The criteria for adopting a child in Arkansas are about being able to provide a suitable home, not about demographics like marital status.

Single individuals can be financially stable and emotionally prepared to offer a child a safe and supportive upbringing. They can feel confident in their ability to provide for a child’s needs and offer them opportunities for success. If that is true for you, there is no reason to see a single lifestyle as an obstacle to your plans.

Does it matter if you’re male or female?

While there are many more single women who adopt children than there are single men, there is no law favoring women over men when it comes to adoption.

What really matters?

The important question is this: can you provide a safe and stable home for the child you want to adopt? Anyone who wants to adopt a child in Arkansas must go through a home study process to make sure that they are ready for this important responsibility. Heimer Law can help you prepare for the home study.

A licensed social worker will meet with you and review some basic paperwork. Documents like your birth certificate, health information, and background checks are required. As a single person, you will be responsible only for your own information, while married couples and large families must include all the members of the household.

A home study looks at many details, including everything from the amount of space you have available to whether you have any dangerous pets. The social worker is working to determine whether you can provide a good home for the child.

The process of adoption can be complicated, but you don’t have to feel that you are going it alone. Heimer Law is ready to stand by you all along the way. Fill out our simple form and we will be in touch.

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